Receiving The Money You Need To Support Yourself And Your Kids

Many women spend much of their married lives building a family and maintaining their homes. They often sacrifice their careers in order to raise their kids and have dinner on the table every evening. While these sacrifices may be financially feasible when a husband is bringing in money, it leaves many women worried about how they will support themselves when a marriage is over.

At Miller & Bartnicki, P.C., we understand the concerns women have when they are going through divorce. Whether you are worried about receiving the money you need to raise your children or are uncertain whether you will be able to maintain your existing standard of living, our attorneys can help protect your financial and parental rights during divorce.

Receiving Child Support And Spousal Support

In Michigan, child support is determined based on a state-mandated formula. We help women understand how much support they can expect to receive. Although spousal support is not based on a formula, there are a number of factors the judges consider when determining whether spousal support or alimony will be awarded. We help women understand whether they will receive alimony and work with them to determine how they will support themselves after the divorce.

Although it can be frightening to think about re-entering the workforce or making ends meet without your husband's income, we can help you understand how long the legal process will last, how much it will cost and what life will be like once the divorce is finalized.

Contact Canton Mothers' Rights Lawyers

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