Guiding Clients Through The Importance Of Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity is key in order to proceed with many important family law issues. Paternity, or the legal acknowledgment of a child's father, is often required in cases involving custody, parenting time, visitation and child support. In addition, rights as related to Social Security, pensions and other benefits may be dependent on establishing paternity as well. In these often emotional proceedings, having the guidance of an experienced lawyer can smoothen the process and allow clients to focus on their long-term goals.

The attorneys at Miller & Bartnicki, P.C., have over 50 years of combined experience offering thorough, knowledgeable representation to clients in Plymouth and the nearby Michigan area. We have helped clients through complex and complicated family law matters, including establishing paternity and dealing with the associated issues.

Helping Clients Establish Paternity

In married couples, there's a legal assumption that the husband is the father of the child. However, in some cases, it's necessary to establish paternity after the birth of the child. This can either be done voluntarily, or through a court process. If legal action is required, DNA or other genetic testing procedures may be necessary.

Challenging Paternity

A presumptive father may challenge the paternity through several means, including by providing physical proof in the form of DNA test, or proof of sterility or other means. However, this will often involve the courts.

In both of these instances, an experienced attorney can significantly simplify the process and advocate for your rights. Whether you are seeking to establish or challenge paternity, we can help.

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