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What Are The Right Support And Custody Arrangements?

Children are greatly affected by the relationship between their parents. If the relationship between the parents is contentious, it will effect the children. When a marriage with children ends, the goal should be to ensure the well-being of the children despite the parent’s falling-out.

This is never easy, but Michigan courts are obligated to place the child’s needs first. Because parents likely understand best the type of custody agreement that will work for their family, issues of child custody and visitation are, ironically, often best resolved through negotiation or mediation by them.

The Child Custody Agreement You Need

Our attorneys at Miller & Bartnicki, P.C., understand the challenges you encounter dealing with these issues. We can help you work to obtain a child custody arrangement that is in your child’s best interests and that preserves the child’s relationship with both parents.

This can be difficult, and parents must understand that any dispute they bring into court will be assessed against the child’s best interest, so beginning with that as a baseline from which to work is generally more likely to find approval from a court.

We can help you understand how mediation work and can counsel and prepare you for the rigors of trial, should that become necessary. Whether at trial, during mediation or during negotiations, we have the experience to protect your interests and ensure you understand your options.

Our lawyers can assist with all child custody matters, including:

  • Child custody determination: Child custody is made up of physical and legal custody. In a sole custody arrangement, the child primarily will reside with one parent who will be responsible for the care and major decisions involving the child. In a joint custody arrangement, parents will share in responsibilities, and decision-making, and the child may spend equivalent time residing with both parents.
  • Visitation/parenting time: In most cases, it in the child’s best interest to have a meaningful relationship with both parents. The only way to maintain such parent-child bonds is through time spent together. Therefore, visitation (also known as parenting time) is typically awarded to the parent who does not have primary custody.
  • Child support: Our family law attorneys work closely with our clients to determine the needs of their children or their lack of ability to pay child support. The Michigan child support guidelines are periodically amended. Changes may increase or decrease the amount of support you pay or receive. If you have an older support order in place,  you should have your support recalculated. Based upon Michigan’s child support guidelines we can provide you with an accurate estimate of what your child support payments will be.
  • Modifications: It is accepted that a family court order will not stand for all time. When significant changes in circumstances arise — such as child abuse, parental relocation or change in income — we revisit court orders for child custody, visitation, or child support and petition for necessary modifications.

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When your family is faced with such complex and highly emotional issues, it is important to hire an attorney who will be sensitive to your needs and the needs of your children. For experienced legal representation, call our Plymouth office at 734-259-2046, use our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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